The hearts of our children are those sweet little places that we must guard and protect.

The messed-up and jaded world that we live in  only reinforces this thought.

Our children are the future decision makers, mothers, fathers – the TEACHERS – of the next generation.  The impressionable hearts of all children are to be nurtured and safe guarded as God intended.  In having the opportunity to home educate my children this past year, it has become all too clear that a child’s heart should be cherished – that their beautiful, unconditional love should not be taken for granted.  The years that we have with them are fleeting.  A child’s basic desire is to please their parent(s)- to love and be loved in return.  In our fast paced lives that include financial struggles, an unsure economic climate, schedules that are bulging at the seams, and workloads that never truly recede, our children tend to bear the brunt.  They can pay for our decisions to “be as productive as possible” if we aren’t careful.

Our beautiful blessings from God can have their hearts broken by our carelessness.   We are called to protect them, love them, be good stewards of them, to help them grow in Christ’s image; not  to carelessly let the world take hold of their heartstrings.  God has wonderful plans for each of them; letting Him be the judge of our success/ productivity allows us to focus more on the who(s), not the what(s) that truly define what we productively succeed at.

His words whispered from our lips shout hope to their hearts and bless their souls….

About thefewdayshere

We are missionaries living in Guatemala serving our Lord, Jesus Christ. Join us in the adventure! Much Love and Many Hugs, Shane and Mandy
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  1. Mandy – this is a great start on your blogging. Keep at it girl. What you have to say is much needed.

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