So it begins

As we begin this week with praise to our Lord- praise for sunny skies that were forecasted to bring torrential rain and wind- praise for healthy bodies and minds- praise for a summer jam-packed full of adventures and experiences that only God could have orchestrated, those we were reluctant to leave to begin our new year of school- praise for books, school supplies and sparkly composition notebooks-I am reminded just how much there is to praise Him for.  

Genesis 1 is where we are starting this year- how fitting to start the beginning at, well, the beginning.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Gen 1:1

God then went on to fill the earth with plants and animals- green and lush, spiked and glossy, furred, feathered, finned, and skinned.  How could we not praise Him in all that He has done- for all that He is doing- for all that He is going to do.

We are excited to start this new year of education, love, and discovery.  Praise the Lord- for all of it.

About thefewdayshere

Am a life affirming Christian Missionary in Guatemala. I enjoy spending time with my husband and children, reading (voraciously), writing (with wit), gardening, and encouraging women to seek a deeper relationship with Christ and serving where He has planted me.
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