No Matter How Far…

I do believe that my brain is failing me!!


How much time do we need to spend in language school? We have started dreaming in Spanish- we are told that this is normal- actually is a great sign for us.  Really?  How is it a good and normal thing that I am fluent in Spanish in my dreams and I cannot remember my name, in English, in my waking hours??  Oh, and this is just the beginning!!

We are trusting the Lord!  Step by step.  Verb by verb.  Day by day.

We are adjusting pretty well to life here in Guatemala.  The kids are enjoying playing soccer at a local youth sports complex.  Shane and I practice Spanish with our flashcards as we enjoy the papas fritas (French fries) from the concession stand!  Ha!  Simple pleasures!


Thanksgiving found us on our way to the Mission House in Jalapa to enjoy good fellowship and food with our family here in Guatemala.  I will not lie, I did shed some tears this month.  Thanksgiving is an American holiday and to be honest, it really did not feel as if it were time to celebrate it!  We were able to speak to family back in the states- that provided a balm to the ache of separation for this first “family centric” holiday.



Then, in true God fashion, he reminded me.  He reminded me of the tie that binds us all.  His love.  The unbridled love of God that gives us strength through it all.  The love that gave an only son for the world to live eternally.  Oh, He reminded me.  That no matter how far land or water separates us, it is at the foot of the cross where we gather.    The blood of  Jesus binds us all together.  We cannot be separated from him.  What a beautiful reminder of family.  Blood relatives we are. No matter how far.

“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.”  Ephesians 2:13

Even here.  We feel near.  Thank you, God for reminding us…



About thefewdayshere

We are missionaries living in Guatemala serving our Lord, Jesus Christ. Join us in the adventure! Much Love and Many Hugs, Shane and Mandy
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