Making a Splash in 2017

It felt like the whole of Guatemala had been practicing firework displays for the whole month of December.  In the mornings before the sun- bombas!  In the late evenings- bombas!   Bombas, by the way, are fireworks. Any dark hour, the sky would be illuminated and sound decibels broken!  Good thing that I truly love fireworks!   I actually run to the window, every time, to catch a glimpse of bright sparkling lights stretched across the darkness.


Let me tell you something- that month long trial and error period did not disappoint!  It lead to one of the most amazing fireworks displays that I have ever witnessed!  The night skies over cities and mountains came alive, bursting with color as the stroke of midnight bid farewell to 2016 and ushered in 2017 most spectacularly!  It was impossible to see 360 degrees around us- this video does no justice…maybe we can have a visit to usher in 2018 and you can see it in person?



January provided us the great opportunity to take an Emergency First Responder class- What an amazing experience with equally amazing folks!  Thank you Paul and Thania!  We are looking forward to the next class in March!


We finished up our last day of classes with Rosa and Eluvia n January 27.  We celebrated by going to Agua Calientes in Pastores.  We enjoyed a great time and delicious lunch with them.


As I watched the kids jump into those warm waters and splash around, I chuckled.  That is such an amazing visual of us all!  Our worship to God is like that pool.  We jump in and are engulfed in His glory, in His presence. Oh, how much we miss if we do not get into the pool!  If we do not enter into worship.  We miss the closeness.  We miss the blessing.  We miss the comfort that only He can provide.

I do not want to miss a single bit of it.

I want to splash around in His glory, in His presence.  I want to feel Him, oh so near.  I want to be THAT child of God.


Sometimes we let the world tell us that other things are more important than spending time with our Lord.  That He knows and understands our busy lives.   That He will understand that that one thing needs to be done right now instead of coming to Him.   He made us to do all of these things, right?

Hmm.  The world opinion is never a good marker to base any sound choice on.

I have heard myself say this to my children and honestly, to myself.

The Word. His Word is the best place to start and end with.

Never once have I fell short changed or deceived by anything that I have read in His word.  I cannot say that I have that same track record with the world opinion.  Maybe I have not fully comprehended every reading of the Word. But, that is just part of growing and seeking Him.  In His time, all will be revealed.

Until then, I want to make the biggest splashes.  I want to cannonball right in the middle of praising our Lord!  Worshipping our King and Savior.  Every day.  Every chance that I get!

Because after all, He is worthy of all of it. 

Worthy of every last splash!

Let’s make a splash this year…





About thefewdayshere

We are missionaries living in Guatemala serving our Lord, Jesus Christ. Join us in the adventure! Much Love and Many Hugs, Shane and Mandy
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