A Momma’s Heart


When we returned to Guatemala, it was May 10.  I genuinely did not know the significance of the day when I booked the flight back, but it became very clear once we landed.  Posters, decorations, signs, and people, all declaring that indeed May 10, in Guatemala is “la dia de madre”!  Mother’s Day!  I did chuckle.  God is so good!  I did not miss the opportunity to wish my momma friends in Guate a very happy Mother’s Day!  We did, actually have a last minute dinner with the sweet widow that we rent our home from.  What a beautiful picture of love and God’s grace.  What a sweet whisper from our Lord, into my heart.  Of His love.  It was just a few short days later that I was able to wish all of my American mommas a very Happy Mother’s Day- mostly through social media.  Those long distance hugs, although not as warm to the touch, are still powerful and mighty comforting!

Brownies are my favorite dessert that will never solicite an answer of no.  Ava knows this and the picture below is what my US Mother’s Day breakfast looked like.  I just love her sweet little heart and how she speaks volumes with her acts of kindness and selflessness.


On our way out to the Mission House a day or so later, I snapped the picture below.  I love how the sun shining on the mountain looks like a heart.  You may need to squint a bit or scoot back from the computer to see it, but it is there.  A heart.  I love how God reveals bits of His heart to us.  If we are not careful, we can miss the small revelations and sometimes, even the big ones.  The world will tell us the lies that we are not important, that we have no value, that we are insignificant.  But, God is constantly whispering.  Seeking you.  Wanting you to draw nearer.  For you to see what He has for you.  Wanting to give us all of those things that our hearts are yearning for.  Those things that we may have never put words or requests to.  He knows.

Mountain heart

I had a distinct yearning to share more of Him with ladies that I work close with here, in Jalapa.  God provided the curriculum for a Bible study for the ladies, here on the ground, while I was in Florida.  Thank you, to the obedient saint that said yes when I asked for the financial partnership.  (You know who you are) This month, we begin the Finding I Am study by Lisa Terkeurst.  I am over the moon and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us as a team of ladies laboring to bring Him glory.  To draw closer to Him.  To rest in His arms.  To hear His heartbeat more clearly.




Finding I Am.jpg

I would be amiss to not share the new addition to our home in this update as well.  I would like to introduce you to Cocoa…Ava’s goat.  I guess when in Guatemala…(laughing).  She is just a baby and Ava loves her.  This is my first goat.  I genuinely have no idea what to expect.  Ruby (our healer mix) thinks that this new addition is indeed her baby and has taken her in as such.


Even my sweet dog has that momma heart that knows no boundary for a youngling that needs love and care.  I cannot help but love this sweet adoption happening right in front of me.  No questions.  No complaints.  Just unconditional love.  Isn’t this what we are all called to do?  Isn’t this where sometimes, we over think and complicate the whole process?  Simplicity is best, the Momma Heart that beats mightily understands this.  Our human hearts fail under our own understanding.

But, the Father’s Heart  knows no failure or equal.  Open to His children with all of the bestest love,  compassion,  empathy,  patience,  and joy.  He is just waiting for us to see that His arms are open wide for us to run into.  Waiting for us to find more of Him.  To hear His heartbeat.  Can you hear it?

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We are missionaries living in Guatemala serving our Lord, Jesus Christ. Join us in the adventure! Much Love and Many Hugs, Shane and Mandy
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