HE is Faithful

October found us busy, busy, busy.  And sick – let me explain…

We now have eight Little Lambs at the orphanage.  Eight children with different backgrounds.  Different experiences.  Different family situations.  Different ages.  The same  need for Jesus to fill the gaps left inside by broken relationships amidst a broken world.  The same lost looks and feelings of abandonment.  The same desire to be seen, to be known, to be loved unconditionally and accepted as family.

Don’t we all want to be loved and accepted unconditionally?

Don’t we all need Jesus to fill in our broken places and to shine through these cracks?

I say, YES!

We get to teach Bible and Science to the grade school age children several times a week.  To love on them.  To show them God’s handiwork in their lives and the environments around them.  To demonstrate the power of prayer and God’s love through explosive and interesting science experiments…really, I am not sure who is having more fun most times.  But, I will tell you the excitement on their faces when I walk in…the hugs, smiles, and questions.  Oh!  Those questions…bring them on!  God, please give me the answers for them…



We have also been given the opportunity to minister to local women.  Meeting weekly, four groups of women receive a bible study lesson, receive the Word of God and experience the love of Jesus while learning to process clay and make jewelry.  Please join us in prayer as God is unfolding a plan for these ladies and this rural community.  Please pray for this hermandad- this sisterhood of women and their families.

In the midst of God’s ministry here, He brought us yet another opportunity to love.  We have a sweet young lady living with us so that she may realize her dreams of completing high school.  Prayers for provision, protection, direction, and discernment are asked for and treasured.


One last memory for October 2017:

Mountainous climate changes for an unacclimated Florida girl who prefers flip flops and tank tops above all else as wardrobe choices leads to the worst upper respiratory infection that I ever remember having.  Two weeks in bed.  Not even the fun, eat what you want, Netflix binge and talk to your friends kind of sick days.  Oh no.  These were who am I?  Who are you?  What is that smell? I can’t breathe, but I can cough like a 90-year-old lifetime smoker.  That smell?  Pretty sure it is me – when did I shower last?  Need an emergency double dose breathing treatment, a shot in the bum, four different kinds of medicine, cancel all classes- for kids and women, do not leave your house, “I am worried about you” statements from your doctor kind of sick days.

I thank God for Dr. Ruiz, Pastor Carlos, my needle wielding nurse and phlebotomist, Andrea- whom I questioned pretty heavily between coughs about the sterility and cleanliness of all implements used in my procedure, my adorable chauffeur/ amazing husband, my sweet attentive children.  Mostly, I thank God for His healing hand and provision.  He makes us rest.  So, we rest.  And we learn.  Wear the sweater…just saying.

About thefewdayshere

We are missionaries living in Guatemala serving our Lord, Jesus Christ. Join us in the adventure! Much Love and Many Hugs, Shane and Mandy
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